100% Organic Eliya King Coconut Water 10 Oz, 30% Less Sugar, Vegan Case of 12


100% Organic Eliya King Coconut Water 10 Oz, 30% Less Sugar, Vegan Case of 12

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Eliya delivers to your hands this ‘Golden Nut of Life’. Packed with five essential electrolytes, minus the extra calories of a sports drink, is nature’s way of getting hydration just right.

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Nuwara Eliya

The name ‘Eliya’ meaning ‘light’ in the native tongue is inspired by this village nestled in the hill country of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya. Our Brand imbibes the purity and spirituality of its literal meaning, and envisions bringing the light to everyone through our organic and sustainable process.

Our core philosophy is based on being a provider of a healthier future; for everyone. We believe this starts with the farmer. Our supply chain ensures remunerations based on fair trade practices, and this partnership helps the farmers build a better future for themselves.

The King Coconut

The King Coconut is indigenous to Sri Lanka, an island known as The Pearl of the Indian Ocean for its natural beauty.  This special nut is aptly named ‘King’ for not only it’s richer taste, but also for being a coconut variant with naturally occurring electrolyte levels that is very similar to our blood plasma, making it the perfect hydrating drink.  Boldly boasting a golden husk, the King Coconut is widely known in the native country to be vastly superior to the green coconut in its reputation as a refreshing and rejuvenating drink

Prized for millennia for its nutritive and curative (Ayurvedic) powers, the King Coconut water is perhaps nature’s most healthful essence.  It is truly a labor of love from Mother Earth.

100% Organic Coconut Water

30% Less Sugar than Green Coconuts

Never from Concentrate

Certified USDA Organic

Hand Harvested

No Added Sugar

Vegan Friendly

Gluten Free

Non Genetically Modified

Single Country Origin

Best Served Chilled


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