The Idea for Oomami Foods was Born After a Trip to Italy!

We were tasting wonderful dishes as we traveled Italy and we thought why can’t we eat these back home? So we came back and started to think about health and why people don’t eat what’s healthy. We came to the conclusion that people don’t want to waste their money trying something they may not like and it’s hard to find Organic/Vegan products that are tasty.

Started shipping to Yachts in the Caribbean as our test group.

We are the Amazon for Food for Yachts globally and we thought why not offer these amazing products to customers here in the US? So we put together an idea for a platform that lets our customers do just that.

We’re Starting from Scratch.

We spent much of 2018 refining our model and pitching it to investors to get feedback on why it wouldn’t work. After numerous iterations we decided to dive headfirst this holiday season by starting off with pantry products you’ll see in your home every day. Stay tuned as we add more products every month!