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What Is Oomami Foods™


Oomami Foods, formally Chocolate Box, is founded on the principle of making your eyes widen when you take a bite of something amazing (hence the Oo). We bring together the world’s best organic products made by artisans who are just as obsessed with making food as we are about eating it! Experience new tastes with a curated selection!

How Oomami Foods™ Works

Pick A Box

We have products from all over the world and new ones added every month! Pick from 3 different box sizes and decide how much food you want and when! 

Choose Your Products

Go à la carte! All of our products are shelf stable and fresh. No more guessing which products are good. We give you the top 5 producers in each product category to make it simple and easy.

Have It Delivered

With a 3-day delivery system, you can order your products with confidence and get them quickly. We package all our products in a beautiful sturdy box that even makes for a great gift!

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What's In The Box?

We have a curated selection of organic products that range from snacks, drinks and even ingredients you can cook with! These come from a new country every month and we even include a Meal Guide to help you create a unique culinary experience every day.

Our Mission

Health. Quality. Sustainability.

All of our products are strictly evaluated to make sure they’re not using pesticides and the animals are being treated well.

We use nutritionists to review products, go over all nutritional information, manufacturing processes & certifications, as well as visit facilities. 

Our producers make fantastic products WITHOUT sacrificing quality. They would rather wait a season for more availability than give you subpar quality.

A Message From Charlie

Having traveled all over the world, I always brought back stories of some of the best meals I had while abroad. From my travels, I realized what authentic food really meant and what it should taste like. This experience inspired me to seek similar meals, making me fairly picky. This pickiness is what makes Oomami Foods Special. We go back to the roots of culture and really try to grasp the flavors from around the world. We want you to share these same experiences with family and friends and continue to fight over the last bite of something.

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Disclosure: We’re not responsible for any injuries sustained while fighting over our products.